Curved stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts

With our range of new and reconditioned curved stairlifts to suit a variety of curved and spiral staircases, transform your mobility at home today.

Disruptions on the staircase will pose no threat to your safety with our automatic cut-out sensors and over-run braking sensors to ensure you are always in full control of your stairlift.

With a manual or powered swivel seat allowing users to step off the stairlift easily upon reaching your destination, it is simple for those with reduced coordination to operate the new curved stair lifts, or our reconditioned curved stairlifts. In addition to this feature, each stairlift is fitted with remote controls as a standard, allowing chairs to be parked when out of use and called when required; as well as enabling multiple users to get around without disruption or bother to one another.

The rails on which the stairlifts operate are uniquely manufactured to fit your own home, thus ensuring the perfect fit every time. We can also factor in a number of features of the individual staircases, with rail extensions to wrap around top or bottom Newall posts, as well as hinged rails if there are doorways present. The hinged section of rail folds out of the way of the door when not required, and when in use folds down to allow for full access; all at the flick of a switch.

In addition to high quality engineering to ensure perfect operation, a range of upholstery colours and fabrics are available to fit in with minimal disruption to the home décor.

Installations are carried out by qualified engineers, and your curved or spiral staircase can be transformed in a matter of hours. We offer a 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour, whether your installation is for a new or reconditioned curved stairlift. All of the VAT is exempt if you have a disability, you will be asked to sign an exempt form.

We cover all of our working areas with a dedicated network of engineers, and prompt servicing or remedial work is a given. You can contact us 24 hours a day, every day of the year to ensure full accessibility, always.


If you prefer to have the choice of sitting or standing, we can install a new or reconditioned sit/stand chairlift for your pleasure.

For those who cannot bend at the knee, we offer a range of new or recorditioned perch stairlifts

If you have a straight outdoor staircase, you have a choice of new or reconditioned stairlifts that can enhance accessibility to previously difficult to reach outdoor areas of your home. Designed for all weathers and fully weather-proof, outdoor stairlifts also come with a 12 month parts and labour guarantee as standard.

If your staircase has a landing area of two or three steps, we are able to install a platform to extend the pre-existing chairlift beyond these areas. This is more cost effective solution to a straight chairlift problem if you do not wish to complete a full reinstallation. The straight rails on the pre-existing stairlift are simply extended to increase the reach of your chair, and a hydraulically hinged armed platform installed. The platform then neatly folds away on the back wall.

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